Community Economic Development Program

Strategic Planning

The East Algoma CFDC promotes Community Economic Development as a community driven process where people plan and act for the future of their area. This involves establishing a realistic vision and positive outlook; identifying issues and problems and strategies to deal with them; motivating and involving others in the community by working in partnership and cooperation; and the recognition of volunteers and their importance to the community.

Planning in Action

The number and nature of community projects identified by individual communities during the planning process will vary widely.

The CFDC Board of Directors in consultation with the residents in their communities, will determine the projects which our organization will champion. These are usually of a regional nature which affect more than one community in our area, however we will undertake projects for a specific community if the results could significantly impact their economy or lifestyle. Some of the activities we have participated in include:

Information Services

Our office provides information resources to communities and not-for-profit organizations to assist in finding programs or information which will benefit the projects they have identified.

Local Labour Market Services

Identifying the area's labour market problems and assessing the area's potential for change and recovery is part of the CFDC's economic development plan.

Inter-Agency Partnering

Another aspect involves working with other organizations to design and co-ordinate community-based development strategies, as well asdeveloping entrepreneurial initiatives to improve the employability of the local population.