Supporting Community Economic Development

Business Counselling

The East Algoma CFDC's mandate is to strengthen the local economy. In order to achieve this goal, we need to expand and retain the local businesses within our region no matter how small or large. Our office provides assistance and advice for existing companies or new business ventures to help them achieve their goals.

All of our staff are knowledgeable, experienced and friendly to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your business growth. We understand the challenges and benefits of doing business within the East Algoma region. In the past we have helped many clients within the region address concerns such as:

So, if for any reason you need help with your business, please feel free to give John a call and set up an appointment to discuss your issues. He can be reached Mon - Fri from 9 to 5 at (705) 356-1152 or by email at


Business Advisory Services
Our objective is to provide you with information on government programs, publications and counselling assistance at no obligation. This service will be aimed at providing preliminary assistance that will enable you to then proceed with your own business planning or move on to acquiring professional consultants if required.

CFDC Investment Fund
The CFDC is able to assist area business, whether new or existing, with funding for start-up or expansion. This financial support may be provided in the form of a loan, loan guarantee and/or equity funding, where new permanent employment is being created. All information provided in the process of counselling or applying for financial assistance will be held in the strictest confidence.

Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre
As a regional site of the Canada-Ontario Business Call Centre we provide access to many databases of information on government services, programs and regulations, as well as private databases on business information, contacts and published articles. Visit our comprehensive resource library or use our computer workstation.
The CFDC has been contracted by what is now known as Human Resources and Social Development Canada (formerly the HRDC), to offer the Self-Employment Benefits Program. SEB is a program that helps individuals create jobs for themselves through self-employment. Assistance includes: ongoing technical advice, financial support and coaching through business plan development, accounting and marketing.

Community Profiles
Obtain relevant statistical data pertaining to your community. Working with local Municipalities the EACFDC has developed the answers you need to plan your business in our communities.

Through the Internet, Strategis provides access to Industry Canada's business information site. A comprehensive database of business information including such services as "Contact" a small business advisory support network.

Workshops, Conferences & Information Sessions
The CFDC hosts and sponsors various training and/or industry specific seminars on topics such as Ontario SuperHost Training, Marketing, and Small Business Start-up. Suggestions for topics are always welcome.